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Prediction Input

Prediction Name:
Tracker Callsign:
NOAA GFS Forecast:
(yyyymmddhh UTC) Defaults to latest avail.
Launch Latitude:
Launch Longitude:
Auto Launch Altitude:
(From Google Maps)
Launch Altitude:
Launch Time:
UTC Time
Enter up to 3 altitudes & ascent/descent rates for multiple predictions
(Filling all 9 boxes will result in 27 predictions)
Burst Altitude:
Balloon is Floater:
Float Time:
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:
Auto Touchdown Alt:
(From Google Maps)
Touchdown Altitude:
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Generate aprs.fi Overlay

Enter extra callsigns you want to track. Separate with commas. aprs.fi wildcards are OK
(example: KF7MVY-11,KF7MVY-3,WA0TJT-*)

Show Wind Area

Ruler: xxx.xx Miles

Flight Predictor

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Special thanks to Keith Kaiser for inspiring this tool as well as supporting its development and testing.

Version: 08-06-2014 Beta

Thanks to the companies and individuals that developed the libraries used in this tool.

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OpenSave by Mike Gieson (www.gieson.com/). License: MIT License

Papa Parse by Matt Holt (https://github.com/mholt/jquery.parse). License: MIT License

date.js library by Matt Kruse (http://javascripttoolbox.com). License: MIT License

And of course none of this would be possible without Google Maps API v3

Debug Log

This can be used to figure out where things went wrong.
Output goes to Console in Developer Tools.

Delete Prediction
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Load Local File
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Fill prediction info from flight data.